Dedicated Event Managers plan and deliver event ground transportation for groups of all sizes.

Experienced and Reliable
From ground transportation for conferences and investor meetings, to company parties and PR shoots, our events professionals understand the only challenges of transportation planning. Backed by our on-time guarantee and real-time tracking capabilities, VirtualDispatch makes coordinating event transportation easy!!

Dedicated Customer Support
VirtualDispatch is committed to working alongside you every step of the way to meet your needs. Our team will prepare your event manifest, please book with us and confirm all the details with you prior to your event.

Responsive Team
Your event manager is available to handle the many contingencies that accompany even the most carefully executed event plan. We respond to changes as they occur to ensure flawless execution.

Vehicle Customizations
As we know that each vehicle has its occasion and time, we will help you to choose your perfect vehicle for that special occasion, simply contact one of our dispatchers and gladly assist